3.5 All-fiber components for mode division multiplexing

The need for higher capacity than what single-mode fiber (SMF) systems can support has turned research efforts to mode division multiplexing (MDM) over few-mode fibers (FMFs). Although system demonstrations have shown the feasibility of MDM for long-haul transmission, the development of MDM components remains a major issue. MDM components should be compatible with other transmission techniques, especially wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), so that MDM over FMFs truly takes the optical capacity further than the SMF limits.

Our group has been working on all-fiber broadband components for MDM transmission. The design approach we have followed starts with the parameters of the transmission FMF to facilitate connectivity. The aim of the design is to yield polarization-independent components that can operate over tens of nm, so that MDM applies simultaneously with polarization and wavelength division multiplexing.


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