2.3 Satellite - Ground Network Convergence

Access networks are nowadays facing challenges of increased end user bandwidth needs, due to the substantial growth in the number of users as well as in the applications' bandwidth requirements. In the years to come, expectations of further increase in access speeds has formulated a European calls strategy in the direction of an ambitious goal of 100% coverage with availabilities of at least 30Mbps by 2020.

To achieve such goals and especially the one of 100% coverage, the convergence of wireless, satellite and ground networks has been widely proposed. Our group has contributed in that direction by participating in a consortium working on the an ESA ARTES1 Strategy project, entitled "SAT4NET: Analysis of Satellite Downstream Boost for xDSL Networks". This work has been focusing on the convergance of satellite and xDSL networks, providing telecommunication service on remote rural areas within Europe.


Technical specifications and considerations have been identified, suitable solutions have been provided and an overall architecture has been proposed in order for such a service to be provided to the end users. A full techno-economical feasibility analysis has been carried out showing the overall potentials for the telecommunication carriers.


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Significant publications:

  • C. Cicconetti, A. Isca, E. Atteo, M. Manzo, G. Agapiou, I. Papafili, D. Syvridis, M. Bourmpos, “Architecture and analysis of a satellite downstream boost for xDSL networks”, ASMS/SPSC 2014.